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Invitation Card Design

Invitation Card Design

Why is Invitation Card important?

Due to the rise in digital communication, of late there has been a negligible percentage of decrease in physical invitation cards, no matter whatever is the occasion. This trend found all over the globe irrespective of anything. However, no online invitation brings the beauty that a physical invitation card brings. Keeping this in mind, many websites have sprung with User selected invitation card just like online purchasing of any product. The user given limited options under free trial to select the design and text on the invitation. Basic designs and text formats are made available free but splendid designs and attractive text styles and formats are available only for paid services. Also, some sites charge the users with high prices.

After a thorough research of the above-said issues faced by the customers and clients, we have come with a tangible solution at a predominantly lesser price compared to other designing companies. We also as a team understand the importance of the invitation cards and hence separate and excellent designing services are provided.

Our Invitation Card Design Strategy:

  1. Requirements

Every client has a different set of requirements to get an invitation card printed. Our team of designers takes the requirements with utmost care and proceed further.

  1. Consultation

Once the requirements is  collected from the client, the designer team also acts like consultants to explain the client about the design, text on the card, aesthetics of the card and other technical  details.

  1. Event Specific Designs

 Our team is excellent in creating designs for invitation cards that are event specific. Depending on the event we have many categories listed under the design selection.  Few are event specific, gender specific, religion-specific, age specific and many others.

  1. Initial Draft

Once the printing of the cards is done, we inform you from our side.

  1. Outer Cover Design of the invitation cards

While some clients are not particular about the outer envelopes of an invitation card, few are.

Hence, we also provide the invitation card set services.

Best Practices that we follow:

* Eye-catching and attractive designs

* On-time Delivery

* Beautiful packaging on special requests

* Complimentary services on bulk orders

* Affordable costs for less number of cards.

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